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I currently live in a grey star property and it is the worst living experience. Our mantnience issues take months to be resolved and living here has caused me and my family so much stress and costed us way too much money. The office staff is rude and unconcerned. I understand this is just their job but we live here. This is our life. They offer 500 off of rent to refer a friend and I wouldn't even do that to my worst enemy. I can not wait to... Read more

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been living here 2 weeks and i must say not what i thought at all we've had maintenance over to fix the toliet and the bath tub which was not draining so clearly they did not do an insepction and the absolute worst part is that there is STAINS on the granite tile in the kitchen also in the bathroom When i did the walk around i completely missed it now im kicking myself in the butt.when we told them about the STAINS problem they said theres... Read more

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Do yourself a favor and avoid renting any apartments that are run by Greystar Property Management. Please go see their F rating on the BBB website. 1. Bait and switch. Do NOT believe anything that that the property management says. They are quite unscrupulous and will lie straight to your face when you are signing the rental agreement. I have never encountered such fundamentally dishonest people in my entire life - 0 credibility. Either take... Read more

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Not understanding why there isnt any incentives for residents who refer others to lease in the community

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Greystar Properties - Sandpiper, Arvada Co Disgust, Mold, Filth and lack of Mangement
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I have only lived at Sandpiper for a short period of time however my roommate has lived there a little longer and since our lease isn't up for a few more months we are literally stuck on this property and either one of us refuses to give Sandpiper any more money to break the lease they already get too much money for what we have to live with. This company and this location is defiantly something to talk about. My roommate has been attacked 3... Read more

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Greystar Properties - Review in Real Estate category
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Received a 10 day notice regarding - harassment when I am the one who is receiving the HARASSMENT ! I email the office when I do not have hot water, issues with the apt, and the fact that someone is going into my apartment and terrorizing me yet again ( breaking items, using the toilet - I live alone) and the fact that the apartment drains are filthy ! I moved in end of May 2016, and I had to clean the shower drain because it was plugged up with... Read more

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This probably doesnt fall under the review area but i dont know who to contact. My wife currently works in Williston ND, @ UNIVERSITY COMMONS. She doesnt know i am writing this, so here it goes. She loves the company, as do I. Her boss Mike has always been a "to the point" kind of guy. This is not a flaw but a teaching skill, she has excelled at every property she has worked at due to his role in her training. The Owners of the Property she... Read more

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I am a former resident at sedona canyon in san antonio,tx i moved out in July of this year left it cleaned an in a bit better then when i moved in despite all the maintenance problems it was ok. But now that i have moved out i have a problem. I have yet to recieve my or should i say whats left of my deposite. I know it a small amout but im still waiting. Called was told to contact corporatr but no one in corporate answers. Front desk guy doesnt... Read more

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Greystar Properties Real Estate complaint 167354
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Chapel Hill Apartments in Lewisville, Tx. They are paying to remodel their nice office instead of fixing all of the broken amenities like our gates, fitness center, jacuzzis, pools, completing work orders. Plus they took over in June and jacked up everybody's rent but wouldn't fix the amenities or do the work orders.

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I moved in and my cabinets looked horrible so I put it on my move in list. Finally 3 months later someone comes to paint them and does a horrible job. They leave paint all on the floor, my kitchen table and sinks in the bathroom and the cabinets still look horrible. They send the clean up crew in to clean but the paint won't come off the floor or sinks but it does come off my table. They send the maintenance guy in to paint cabinets and he does... Read more

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