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I moved into The Springs at Silverbell in Tucson, AZ. last Nov. I LOVED it then, felt so safe & like home here. While I still feel safe in many ways ongoing staff turnover threaten that sense regularly. Only one of the staff here when I moved in is still here, Angelica & I'd like to say she does her best but think she gets tired of constant change. Our pool is GROSS right now, no one has been able to use it for over 2 weeks. Water is not... Read more

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you suck suck suck suck and are already in corporate ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you steal from everyone are rude to your customers think only of your cosmetically induced fat selves and SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cary connors YOU SUCK! beatta from ploand YOU SUCK! rasheema davis the ugly self involved single self righteous mother.. YOU SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i left an 8300 dollar cartier watch on the desk and it was stolen... Read more

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THIS REVIEW IS TO HELP OTHERS ONLY!!!! If you see the name Greystar connected to the place you want to live in.... RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! It is the worst company ever. I should have researched this company before I moved into a place. LESSON LEARNED!! When something goes wrong they blame it on you! They do not listen to anyone. They have the worst employees and treat the tenants like peasants. I have lived in so many different apartment... Read more

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I moved out in Juky of this year with all bills paid in full and with giving the apt back spotless with the expectations of receiving my deposit back. After, a few week of no refund, I called the office, the "BossLady" told me that I would be receiving my refund, but because they have doyble charge for water bills they are calculating how much money is due back to me. I waited and waited, still no check. I made call after call, no call back.... Read more

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The management here at Diamond Hillside Apartments are terrible, they have no sense of professionalism at all. The manager is also terrible, the only people that are good at what they do are the maintenance crew. Diamond Hillside used to be a great apartment, until the new manager came in and brought in her non customer service crew. I'm trying my best not to say terrible things about them, but I can't help it. I get that this job is not the job... Read more

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Terrible mgmt co. Cheap compzny, useless, lazy staff. If youd like your property or home to downgrade from deferred maintennce this is your ticket

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Was a resident of Star Pointe and later Crown Pointe from 2010 until September 2016. At move in, was required to pay refundable pet deposits and transfer fees. Have proof through direct e-mails from the then property manager that these funds were payable before move in. Greystar purchased this property during my residency and now denies knowing anything about this situation despite e-mails from both Crown and Star and Star Pointe. Monies total... Read more

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Our rent went from 1600 to over 2400 for a 12 month lease. They are trying to say it's only a 12% increase. What's 50% of 1600? 800! Why are they allowed to get away with this? The exact same apartment in my building is going for 1709! When asked why, they told me it's because they have too many vacancies. Yet, if I was a new leasee, I could get the apartment for 1709. This is outright discrimination! We will not let them get away with this! Who... Read more

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How can I file a complaint? For lack of communication, lack of follow through. Not responding to work orders. I had a rather hazardous situation in my apartment recently and no one responded. I called, I emailed, I called again several times. Took two days for manager to respond. This is only one example. When I first moved here three years ago, things were clean and taken care of. Some things changed when the previous manager left.Last year I... Read more

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I think they are the worst property managment company ive ever seen. They are heartless. The first thing i didn"t like is we had to move from our last place because of mold i was getting sick. So my husbands friend told us about this place. I'm not sure if its legal to bad mouth big corp but here goes. They rushed me through the lease i barely got a chance to read it and as they talked i started to cry because they started talking about the... Read more

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