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Air conditioner has worked well for more than a year. Just paid a $481.00 bill, in your 2 bdrm 1 bath. Have discussed issue with your property manager @ the Montego Apt. I'm not the only one with this kind of bill. Always a promise to look into the problem, but never a follow thru.

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Thank you Eric Engleman, Property management who has been informative, BUT GREYSTAR corporation please read: We understand that crimes and or unfortunate events are out of Park Kiely and Greystar’s company’s hands, but we would like to question, what has Park Kiely/Greystar has done to prevent such unfortunate events? As what the rest of the residents has voiced out, please look into the following issues at Park Keily, Greystar corporation,... Read more

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when WE are paying upwards of two thousand a moth and i could MOW the lawn all by myself WHY does the property continually HAVE the LAWN guys NO SHOW(OVEr a quarter of a million collected MONTHLY).. pretty incredible. AND WHY DO THE tenants GET to illegally dump their mattresses by the dumpster's that SIT FOR MONTHS AT A TIME rotting and getting rained on NO ONE removing .LOOKS LIKE ***.. this place is a high priced DUMP! not enough parking... Read more

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I forgot to put my parking pass in my car it cost me 280.00 in towing fees Promenade apts , Boiling Springs , sc

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Greystar Properties Apartment Review from Charlotte, North Carolina
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We've lived in the LEXINGTON sc greystar apartments for a year and a half. Within that time no one has cared the conditions we are Having to live in. Our apartment has been flooded twice so bad the circuit breakers popped in one of the rooms. currently these are the conditions we've lived in for 4 days with no resolve. The apartment smells horrible and management will not even remove the smelly dirty carpeting. When we moved in the apartment... Read more

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Hi, my name is Gabby i'm trying to get hold of someone who can help me with a few questions. Is there an email that i can contact you guys?please let me know by e-malling me at I've been living for 3 years at one of the Greystar properties so that's why i'm trying to get hold of someone from corporate who can better help me with a few questions. It's very important to me that you get hold of me. I really don't want to... Read more

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I have never been so uncomfortable in my own home. The Greystar "management" member, Laurie Mensch, treats residents as if we are beneath her. When there is an issue that requires her attention, it's as if she's offended that anyone would bother her to actually do her job. I've been a resident here since 2014 and have enjoyed living here until Greystar transferred Laurie to our property. I'm disgusted with how quickly her negative impact has... Read more

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So first off LAURA MALLICORE is a TERRIBLE employee and has no customer service. My boyfriend has had an outstanding balance with Belara, a greystar corporation. The balance was for when he first moved in a security deposit which he paid with a money order. They then LOST record of that money order and made him pay it again or else he would be sent to collections. So, he paid this fee that he had already paid for and LAURA continued to cut him... Read more

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still violent gunplay of which I am being targeted. Bedroom window now has 5 bullet holes in it...Has not been fixed. Kitchen has 1 bullethole, not fixed. Housing auth. has been notified. Constant harassment due to ill health and race. Mngt. does nothing to curtail harassment and vandalism as well as constant disorderly conduct and roving juvenile delinquents who are NEVER SUPERVISED and cause mayhem and destruction. This is Greystar... Read more

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This has been the worst rental company i've ever dealt with. I payed through my last month but moved about about 15 days early. I performed all the move out checks and handed in my keys right before I left thinking I was being nice and they could start turning around the apartment as I was moving out anyway. 2 weeks later Greystar sent me a bill saying I moved out early and therefore forfeited my security deposit PLUS owed money for early... Read more

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